Post high quality texts in Spanish/Portuguese that could serve as the foundation for a lesson or project here.

CultureConnection.jpg - An extensive, categorized wiki collection of cultural resources for Spanish teachers, organized by conceptual topics, grammar topics, media types, and vocabulary topics

AdsOfTheWorldLogo.jpg - Links to advertisements from around the world

AKidsTourOfLatinMusic.JPG - A Google Map with links to videos of both folk and popular music from Spanish-speaking countries around the world

AlienigenasNaAmericaLogo.png - A Ning community that contains links to a blog and podcasts re: Brazilians living in the U.S.

AudiriaLogo.gif- A collection of multimedia texts from a variety of different sources (movies, radio, songs, TV) that teachers can use as the basis for activities

BLAALogo.jpg - Extensive library of digital texts (including children's literature and museums) from Colombia

- A collection of links to newspapers, radio, and TV from countries around the world. You can filter them by country, language, topic, or type of media



CulturallyAuthenticPictorialLexiconLogo.png - A database of culturally authentic Creative Commons images, organized by language and topic

DotSubLogo.jpg - Searchable collection of videos in hundreds of languages from around the world. Choose the 100% option in order to get a subtitled version of the video. You can also select the "country" tab to find videos from a specific country.

FullTextsOnlineSpanishLogo.jpg- Very nice collection of Spanish & Latin American literature (navigation on the left)

GlencoeOnlineLogo.gif - Culture-based websites in Spanish

GlossLogo.jpg - Searchable database of language maintenance/proficiency development lessons (reading and listening) in a wide variety of languages. Allows you to limit the search to video-based lessons. Click on the individual links to launch the lesson modules

InternationalChildrensDigitalLibraryLogo.gif- Children's picture books online - search for your language

KennedyCenterLogo.gif - Check out CDs of music, content materials, culture kits, flags, and/or maps from the Outreach Resource Library at BYU's Kennedy Center for free. The Center can also help you schedule free presentations for your classroom regarding specific countries. You may also wish to explore their CultureGuides--conuntry-specific teaching units for both elementary and secondary classes

LanicLogo.jpg - Latin American Network Information Center - Extensive list of texts in Spanish & Portuguese (organized by country)

Legends&FolktalesLogo.jpg- Interactive map with legends and folktales from around the world--many available in different languages

MaterialesLogo.jpg - Magazine produced by the Embassy of Spain (also available through the Spanish Resource Center)

NewseumLogo.jpg - Today's front pages from newspapers around the world


OpenCultureLogo.jpg- List of audio courses and podcasts in a variety of languages, including Spanish & Portuguese

QuinoLogo.jpg - Site in Argentina containing Quino comics & Mafalda videos

RealiaProjectLogo.jpgSearchable database with links to faculty-reviewed, culturally authentic images, media, and materials from multiple countries

SpanishLanguage&CultureLogo.gif - Excellent grammar practice activities based on culturally authentic multimedia materials

UniversityLibrariesAlbanyLogo.gif - Extensive list of resources for Spanish literature and linguistics

VoiceOfTheShuttleLogo.gif - Links to sites related to literature in Spanish & Portuguese

VozYVideoEnPoesiaIberoamericana.jpg - Library of poetry read aloud by the authors (or by others)

YouTubeLogo.jpg..EDU - Search for educational videos in Spanish

ZambombazoLogo.png - Blog by Zachary Jones with links to materials in Spanish that reflect popular culture