Ideas for possible thematic units and sample thematic units.

Ideas for Thematic Units

  • Art - Links to a host of resources for developing an art unit from FLTEACH, including loads of ideas for working with specific Spanish-speaking artists

  • Current Events - A list of ideas for incorporating them into foreign language classes

  • Friendship - This link will take you to another wiki

  • News Unit - Downloadable templates and materials for teaching a unit organized around the topic of news media

  • Prejudice - A list of children's books in Spanish and other resources useful for teaching a unit on prejudice

  • Social Justice - Information on Colors magazine and a few other resources that could be used in conjunction with a unit on social justice

Sample Curriculum Maps

Jordan School District Curriculum Maps for Spanish - Planned using a backwards design approach - Spanish IV/V moves toward theme-based teaching (Click here to see: French, German)

SCOPE: Oakland Schools - Very nice unit templates for K-6 in ASL, Chinese, & Spanish

Sample Units

  • Thematic Units in French & Spanish - Thematic content-based units available in French, Japanese, & Spanish distributed through the National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center at Iowa State University. Each unit is grounded in a piece of children's literature and can be downloaded for free as a PDF, or ordered at cost in printed/book form by clicking on the "Ordering Information" on the right side.

  • Topical Units in Spanish - Thematic Units set up according to class level. There are not content based and don't really tell what exactly the students learn (as in vocab or grammar used) but there are a lot of good ideas that you can apply to your own plans. - angelajm00 angelajm00

  • We Are the World - A school-wide, interdisciplinary unit--much of which could be adapted for world language classrooms